One to One Advice & Support

Particularly for people with health problems we offer impartial information and advice and longer term guidance and advocacy.  Delivered from private and confidential rooms within accessible premises in County Durham and City of Sunderland. 

To book an appointment with an advisor please contact 0191 597 4943


Information, advice and guidance is given on work, education, training, personal circumstances and health. Strong relationships with local employers and support networks, advisors offer one to one job broking, job search and supported referrals to specialist organisations.


Advisors give Benefit Advice and are experts in completing precise calculations to show the financial benefits of taking a job and how universal credit, housing benefit, council tax benefit, working and child tax credits change with personal circumstance, hours of work and wages.


We understand that the journey to and from work can be costly and keeping up with day to day living expenses can be a struggle. Advisors will inform you of any grants or entitlements that you may be entitled to based on your personal circumstances to help with finances.


Northern Rights advisors will arrange training for you should you need to update your skills and qualifications. You can be given immediate access to a fantastic range of alternative courses including Confidence for Life, Learning and Memory, Digital Confidence, Confidence for Work and more.